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Best Tricycle For 3 Year Old

best tricycle for 3 year old
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A tricycle is the best way to get your toddler active in today’s digital age. Just as much as teens love their new rides, your 3-year old will love theirs in three wheels. With a toddler trike, you don’t have to worry about space and going to the park since kids can have all the fun in your backyard. Plus you can stay close to watch their safety. For toddlers, it’s that time they get to teach themselves all about balance and coordination. What better way to bring some memorable moments than with the best tricycle for 3 year old toddlers.

Finding the most age appropriate trike is not always a walk in the park. Some have seats too far from the pedals that your child can’t reach, while others come without a footrest. Here, we have identified the perfect trikes for three-year-olds. We believe they are the best in make and design.

Below, you will find our picks for the best tricycle for 3 year old toddlers:

1. John Deere Mighty Trike Ride On 

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best tricycle for 3 year oldFor years John Deere has been a household name in producing the best play sets for kids. Their Ride on Mighty Trike speaks of classic fun. This trike is feature filled starting with its steel frame. It assures your kid of years of fun since it’s not about to get loose bolts anytime soon. It also comes in bright colors which make it all the more exciting for kids who love some detail.

If your kid has some riding skills in them, the Mighty Trike offers the most fun. For one, it has large rugged wheels which can tackle just about every surface. From sidewalks to gravel, and grass, you’ll have your junior enjoy all the evening family walks.  It includes an adjustable seat to provide kids of different heights to access the pedals comfortably. This means your kid can grow on it from the time they are three on to the next few birthdays

For kids who like adding some fun accessories, it’s nice to find that it features a hitch where they can pull a small trailer. It allows your child to enjoy being in the outdoors exploring different activities instead of being stuck in front of the TV. What’s more, it can accommodate kids up to 75lbs. The seat is engineered using heavy padding to offer the top stability in class for the best tricycle for 3 year old toddlers.

  • It’s easy to assemble
  • Has an adjustable seat
  • Pneumatic rubber wheels
  • Padded seat
  • It comes off as long for small three-year-olds

2. Roadmaster 10-Inch Duo Deck Trike

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best tricycle for 3 year oldWant to add some fun factor to your toddler’s outdoor activities? Well, you must invest in the Roadmaster Duo Deck from our list of the best tricycle for 3 year old toddlers. Kids at this age don’t like being pushed around; they find it more fun to hop and ride. It is designed for more independent riders who have some confidence being on their own. That’s why it does not come with push handles but instead has a duo-deck fender to allow a passenger get on as they ride.

The construction of this tricycle is quite eye-catching starting with the chrome plated handles. They shine in a white, silver strike which is a great assurance that it will stay rust free. There’s nothing as disappointing as having to leave it outside for a day only to find it filled with rust scratches. With the Roadmaster Duo Deck, the powder coating keeps it looking new for a decent period.

The steel frame is another feature we like. It ensures that this trike does not break down easily after you assemble it. Talking of assembly, many users have praised the simple steps that are involved in bringing it together. Only that, you may need to air it for a little while to get rid of the chemical smell.

It also bears some grow-with-me features including the adjustable seat for reaching the pedals. Comfort is at the top seeing that the seat is plush and it has rubber wheels. Juniors can take this ride to the park and back without any safety hazards. After all, they love seeing new things and visiting new places.

  • Rubber wheels
  • Rust resistant, steel frame
  • Adjustable seat for small kids
  • Reasonably priced
  • A little heavier

3. Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

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best tricycle for 3 year oldEvery princess loves pink; it’s even better when it comes in wheels. Radio Flyer is not a new name. They sell millions of childrens products every year, and the 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike is just one of them. Specially designed to provide fun days for girls, this trike is bright, and the ultimate grow-with-me ride. It goes with your kid through all the stages of riding from when they are just sitting upright such that you have to steer them to when they can actually pedal and be left to ride by themselves. Consider this when searching for the best tricycle for 3 year old toddlers.

Most of the infant accessories are removable from the headrest to the canopy and 3-point harness. It allows your kid to have the option of using them or having their way when you just want to watch them take their first ride with confidence. It comes with special add-ons like the cup holder and tray where they can keep extra toys. Not to mention the secret storage compartments below the seat.

Something pleasing about the seat is the high back. Remember that three-year old are not careful. So for when the kid bumps into stuff, they’ll not tip over as they can maintain control when riding. It is the classic tricycle for days. Better still; the frame is of steel to provide extra durability. The wheels are made from sturdy plastic, so they’ll not come apart after heavy usage. Get your girl the best gift for summer with the Stroll ‘N Trike.

  • It has numerous safety features
  • Converts into a cool trike for independent toddlers
  • Has a sturdy construction
  • Perfect for learning to pedal
  • Plastic tires are not as good as rubber

4. Schwinn Easy Steer Red/White Tricycle

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best tricycle for 3 year oldGive your young rider a smile for days with the Schwinn easy steer tricycle. You get to buy from a reputable company that has been around for over a century now. This best tricycle for 3 year old toddlers is a heavy duty design intended to please young minds. It is in neutral colors so both boys and girls can catch some fun on it. For kids who are just starting out, you’ll be able to guide them using the steering handle.

It helps you to control the speed and the direction so that you can grow the confidence of your baby as they learn. Plus, when they are set to go at on their own, you just remove the push handle. It’s exciting to find the many functional accessories including a 3-point seat belt and a high back seat. You’ll like that it helps to secure your kid such that they don’t tip over when they are riding alone.

Since the seat has a high back, it allows your kid to maintain an upright posture. As such, they can be in control so that that they pedal safely. The wide EVA wheels are a unique feature of this trike. They provide a smooth ride when they pedal on rough surfaces like on gravel and dirt paths. Moreover, it includes a footrest, so the feet will not dangle when you steer them. To say the least, this tricycle makes for the best gift all-year round.

  • Has a gravity lock dump to carry toys
  • Has a heavy-duty steel construction
  • Wheels are wide to provide maximum balance
  • Removable push handle
  • Wheels can eventually become squeaky

5. Schwinn Roadster Trike 12-Inch

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best tricycle for 3 year oldHere comes another incredible design by Schwinn. It is by far the best introduction to the world of wheels for best tricycle for 3 year old toddlers. The seat is very close to the ground offering the perfect choice when leaving your child with other kids. It has the lowest chances of tipping over even when they ride fast over rough patches.

The bell is a cool feature we love. You can spot your super tot as they come ringing around the pavement to the back door. Not to mention the chrome plated, polished handle bars which are padded at the handles. You don’t want their hands to grow rough due to constant friction with the bars. Plus the sculpted seat is adjustable so that they can grow into it for the next several years.

The best feature on this tricycle is that it is easy to steer. As soon as your kid reaches the pedals, it becomes an effortless ride since they do not struggle to move the pedals. Not to mention, the steel frame and the big 12-inch front wheel allow them to make smooth turns without needing supervision. It also includes a wooden deck for easy mounting.

  • It has a low center of gravity
  • Large front wheel provides easy steering
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat
  • Rust resistant finish
  • Height restriction

6. Fisher-Price Tough Barbie Trike

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best tricycle for 3 year oldTrying to get the best gift for your kid? Well, a tricycle makes for the best toy to bring home. It is not just a toy to look at and feel excited; it contributes immensely to the growth of your child. The Fisher-Price Tough Barbie Trike has the perfect features for three-year-olds. Colors are in plenty as it opens your kid’s exploring side. The tough trike series is one of our favorites for best tricycle for 3 year old toddlers.

The cute styling also includes some personalization as it has some color oriented towards either boys or girls. The graphics are geared towards the cool Harley Davidson. You can expect this trike to turn heads as they cruise down the neighborhood paths. Apart from the exciting finish, this tricycle is a good match when it comes to safety.

There are extra wide wheels from the front to the back, offering a sweet share of balance. The handle bars are easy to grip, plus it has big foot pedals. This way, your baby is set never to lose their grip on the handles or the pedals.

It also includes some exciting compartments which add on the fun. There’s a secret storage compartment, and a pretend key which makes a click as it turns. Finally, it is just full of joyous accessories that you’ll have a hard time getting them to come back to the house.

  • Heavy-duty construction for maximum safety
  • Wide wheel base provides stability
  • Available in a variety of cool colors
  • Has many fun accessories
  • Made from plastic so it may not last many years like the steel framed trikes

Best Tricycle for 3 Year Old Buyers Guide

best tricycle for 3 year oldSturdy Construction

The thing with toddlers is that they like exploring every new thing and place they visit. With a tricycle, you’ll want to be sure your baby is safe even when they take a turn without you realizing it. Look for steel frames and large wheels which offer stability. Plastic is not always the best, but some manufacturers combine it with metallic parts to strengthen it. Besides, you also want the trike to last a few years before your kid grows out of it. To find the best tricycle for 3 year old toddlers, you will need to consider some of these points.


When tricycles were first introduced, they were just bikes with extra wheels. Our parents never had the option of control that comes with modern trikes. If your kid is not ready to start pedaling, you can buy them a push trike which allows you to push it while their feet are resting on a foot pad. But if you are bringing up an active tot, one without push handles can make do. You only need to be around to watch them ride before they have mastered the skill.

You’ll also want to look at tricycles that are low to the ground. It does not only make it easy for the child to hop in, but it also ensures that if they fall, it will just be a short trip to the ground: so, no serious injuries. Besides, it’s easy to control a trike with a low center of gravity.

Is it a good fit?

As beautiful as tricycles can be, it is always good to give a test run before you bring it home. Make sure to have your child with you when you purchase the trikeat the store or have them test it the first time it arrives if you buy it online. Can your baby reach the pedals? If not, there’s no use in using extension blocks. It makes it hard for your kid to feel the pedals roll. As such, it may cause crashes which could have otherwise been avoided.

Other items to Consider

Safety first; so even if your kid is a proficient rider, they’ll need to be in protective accessories.

  • Helmet, elbow pads and knee pads ensure your baby is protected from scratches
  • Padded handlebars will give your kid a comfortable riding time
  • A wide, padded seat is more comfy for long riding hours
  • Treaded wheels provide a smooth ride on rough paths
  • Cup holders, baskets for toys, and bells are also necessary for some additional fun

Best Tricycle for 3-Year Old Comparison Table

  Model Assembled Dimensions Weight Weight Capacity
1. John Deere Ride On Mighty Trike 32×22.5×27 inches 28Pounds 75lbs
2. Roadmaster 10-Inch Duo Deck Trike 7.4×11.218.9 inches 12.1Pounds 50lbs
3. 4-in-1Radio Flyer Stroll ‘N Strike 19.9x35x0.8 inches 15.2pounds 49lbs
4. Schwinn Easy Steer Red/White Tricycle 33x21x24 inches 16.4Pounds 49lbs
5. Schwinn Roadster Trike 12-Inch 12×14.6×24.7 inches


22.5Pounds 50lbs
6. Fisher-Price Tough Barbie Trike 29×18.5×20 inches 8.2Pounds 55lbs

Conclusion About The Best Tricycle For 3 Year Old Toddlers

Investing in a tricycle for your three-year-old is one of the best methods to encourage physical activity. If you are on the hunt for the best tricycle for 3 year old toddlers, we hope this can aid in your decision. It’s always important that even though kids at this age are quite proficient in riding, they should always be watched to prevent dangerous accidents. Finally, always look for trikes that are easy to control like those with a low center of gravity. Hopefully, you find our list informative as you choose the next model for your toddler.




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