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Electric Tricycles For Adults

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When you just want to be out in the fresh air, electric tricycles for adults bring in the fun for people of any age. They provide a great view, and you can ride for hours before fatigue kicks in. For people where balance is of concern, nothing brings in the confidence better than a three-wheeler. It’s even better when your pedal power is assisted thus helping you go for longer distances.

What is an Electric Tricycle?

E Wheels Electric Tricycle For Adults

This is a tricycle that has an integrated electric motor which is located in the hub of the front or back wheels. This motor is battery-powered and can be used for propulsion. The trike retains the ability to be pedaled, but it becomes more functional when you need assistance to go further with increased speed.

The light varieties of trikes can travel with speeds of up to 20 mph. A single charge can go for more than 20 miles.

Electric tricycles for adults are slowly replacing standard trikes on the commute. This is the case for cities where traffic jams and air pollution is the norm. They are more popular in European countries as Electric power-assisted cycles sales increased by about 7% according to European manufacturers. Some people even convert bicycles to electric tricycles.

Key Parts of an Electric Tricycle

What are the key elements that make up and electric tricycle for adults? See these important elements below:

  • Batteries

The battery contains all the power that will propel you along on a trike. They can make about 300-500W of power. For Trikes, they have to be lightweight and practical to store the energy so that you won’t use much of it to move the battery. That’s why you’ll never see an electric trike using a lead-acid battery because it’s too heavy.

What you’ll encounter is a lithium-ion battery like the one your laptop or MP3 player uses. They might be more expensive than NiCad cells; but they can offer longer ranges of 20-40 miles for some tricycles. Their top speed is also limited since the fastest can make speeds of up to 20mph.

  • Electric motor

As we said, the electric motor is usually built into the front or back wheels’ hub. It makes the trike look bulkier which is accounted for even in the overall weight of the tricycle.

  • Brakes

Electric tricycles use a front V-brake and rear brake expansion brake. They keep the unit stationary at all times.

  • Frame

The frame of an electric tricycle features a lightweight construction to ease on the power needed to propel it. For the parts that support your weight, most of them will be built of aluminum alloy. The spokes can be of a stronger material since the electric motor has more torque which can break or bend the spokes during the spinning.


Types of Electric Tricycles

Electric Tricycle For Adults

There are majorly two types of electric trikes:

Pedal-Assist TricyclesFull-Power Tricycles
This trike is for people who like pedaling but need the occasional assistance of electric power. The electric motor is located near one of the rare wheels as you’ll do most of the pedaling, so the wheels need to be pedaled without additional resistance.
Usually referred to as power-on-demand tricycles, the trike has a throttle that activates the motor. They are designed to go for shorter distances. The motors are on the front wheel and one back wheel and tend to be heavy-duty. They allow the rider to enjoy cycling without too much pedaling. However, this means that the battery drains fast and you can only depend on them for around 20 miles on a single battery charge.

Advantages of Electric Tricycles

Every day there’s a new way of having fun in the outdoors. For those that love cycling, you may find a tricycle better than an ordinary bike. More so because you don’t need the extra stamina and strength needed to control a standard bicycle.

With a battery-powered tricycle, you can power the trike to cover long rides and even tackle tough hills. Even better, when you choose one to commute, you’ll arrive at work relaxed and fresh.

  • Easy to get around town

If you are sick of waiting around in traffic, an electric tricycle can get you to work relatively easy. Commuting on an electric trike means you will not get to work all sweaty and tired before the day even begins. Do you want to reduce the amount of pollution you get from cars? Ride around on an electric trike to avoid it.

Not to mention, parking is also a breeze as you just need to lock it instead of paying for a parking space.

  • Get your Dose of Cardiovascular Exercise

Switching the electric propulsion to a pedal-propulsion means you will be active and you’ll exercise without putting too much stress into it. Since they are not as tiring as regular bikes, you can find yourself looking forward to using the trike the following day instead of dreading fatigue at the end of your ride.

  • Make Errands Quick and Easy

Instead of struggling with a basket full of groceries, you will be able to bring them home effortlessly. This is due to the large basket attached in the middle of the rear wheels. It helps to store the important stuff, and riding the trike is not as exhausting as it would on a standard tricycle.

  • Improved Lifestyle

If you have challenges with balance and coordination, riding a tricycle helps immensely. Electric trikes assist in the pedaling so that you can take longer rides. This is because you don’t have to pedal all the way. You will not feel challenged by hills, and this improves the way you spin and cycle even on other unassisted tricycles.

  • Reduced Green House Gases Emission

In efforts to curb carbon emissions, an electric trike can go a long way in contributing to such efforts. If you’re looking for speed, electric tricycles can facilitate this. This is all without an internal combustion engine. You can get to work on time as they also solve the mobility for persons who can’t ride a regular bicycle.


Drawbacks of Electric Tricycles

drawbacks to electric tricycle for adults

So are there any downsides of having an electric adult tricycle? Well there could be, depending on who you ask. Here are a couple potential drawbacks:

  • Pricier

You’ll find an electric trike much more expensive than standard tricycles. This is because of the additional components like batteries and electric motors. They require more fittings than average tricycles, and this comes at high costs on the manufacturer’s side.

Electric tricycles are also more expensive to maintain since they will need replacement of the motors, batteries, and sensors.

  • They need Expert Repair

Repairing your electric tricycle requires a mechanic who is technically knowledgeable about the components of that trike. You will also pay more to have it fixed in the first place.


Conclusion About Electric Tricycles For Adults

An electric tricycle is perfect for everyone who loves to ride conveniently at their pace. This trike offers the best of the cycling and fitness world. They provide a practical alternative to commuting, riding long distances, and having fun in the outdoors. They are relatively new, but they don’t require new skills to make a perfect ride.


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