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Folding Adult Tricycles

folding adult tricycle
Written by Mad Triker

Who would have thought that an adult tricycle could fold? For some of us, trikes conjure up thoughts of the childhood tricycles we trained to balance on. But they have come a long way such that designs for folding adult tricycles have been introduced to adult trikes. And that’s for a number of good reasons.

A folding tricycle is designed to fold compactly to ease its way in and out of cars. When folded, a trike can be carried easily on public transportation, into buildings, and they take less space in the average garage. They are built with the city dweller in mind and the limits that come with small living spaces. It is such a practical style that takes minimum space in your apartment.

Advantages of Folding Adult Tricycles

folding adult tricycles

  • Compact Size

A folded tricycle has minimum bulk. You’ll be able to maneuver with it into lifts and stairways. It takes just a few seconds to fold them so you will be dealing with a trike that is a fraction of its average size. You can slip it just about anywhere from under the stairs, the balcony, even a cupboard.

  • Lightweight and Durable

Many folding adult tricycles are built using lightweight aluminum frames. They even have smaller wheels making them lighter and easy to ride and carry. They don’t make them just for show since they are now making it in the commuter section. Folding adult trikes facilitate every day commuting for persons who don’t feel comfortable on a standard bike.

  • Small Wheels- More Speed

Before your counterpart with the big wheels hits the road, you will be cruising at crazy speeds way ahead of them. As we said, folding adult tricycles are built with smaller wheels. This makes them super easy to gain speed. You’ll, therefore, outpace the big wheels as soon as you hit the road.

  • Gain admission to Public Transport

You don’t have to be refused entry into a train or bus anymore. When they see a folded trike, they know you won’t be a bother, so it’s easy to let you in. You can hop in an out of many public transport means as many times as you’d like. Combine a folding trike with a tram, bus, and fit it into your daily routine.

For those who wish to continue on your trip via a tricycle, you will also be happy to bring it on a plane. That’s the convenience you get from the foldable design.

  • Efficient and Practical

For city dwellers, you’ll want to get around fast instead of being stuck in a jam when getting to only a few blocks ahead of you. Cycling on folding adult tricycles allows you the convenience of nipping through shops, and even getting into the public library. With the extra carriage basket, transporting your shopping becomes very effortless. There is an interesting history about folding bikes as well.

  • Security

With a folded trike, you are the only one who has access to it since you’ll store in a convenient place. You won’t have to lock it in a public spot where someone else can quickly pick the lock and leave with your trike. A folded tricycle can go under your locker or in your apartment thus increasing the level of security of the trike.

  • Low Maintenance Cost

Storing the folded trike where it doesn’t have to face up to what nature has to throw at it means it will require less maintenance.

Drawbacks of Folding Adult Tricycles

folding adult tricycles

  • Can’t face up to Many Bumps in The Road

Navigating rough terrain can become hard when riding folding adult tricycles. This is because the small wheels can be difficult to control. You can expect a bumpy ride when riding a folding tricycle, especially on uneven roads.

  • Fast Speeds have a limit on the distance

Again, small wheels require more effort on the legs. To ride at high speeds, you’ll need more energy which can be hard to maintain after a few minutes. You are, therefore, limited to how far you can go on a folding trike at high speeds.

Features to look for in a Folding Trike

A lot of people like the idea behind the folding tricycle, but choosing one is always a hassle one never anticipates. To ease on that stress, here a few features to expect in a good folding trike.

  • Ease of Riding

A tricycle has the convenience of balance and comfort. But even then, you need to choose the correct size to maintain that support. You’ll want to consider the trike frame and wheel size. Here, you want to cycle at a comfortable height where the handles are also at the correct height.

  • Folding Complexity

Some trikes take seconds to fold while others can take up to two minutes. Is this important to you when browsing for folding adult tricycles? Some require more effort than others. As such, you should consider the moves and actions that are involved in getting the trike in the folded size.

  • Durability

You’ll want to select a folding trike that has a construction from high-quality materials so that it will be in good condition for a decent time. Such trikes must pass standardization tests from institutions that test for quality and safety.

Steering a Folding Trike Safely 

A folding tricycle is much like other trikes. It just has the convenience of compact storage. You are not only responsible for your life but also that of other motorists and pedestrians on the road.

Have all the Safety features
This calls for all the accessories that need checking off before you take your place on the saddle. Do you have a helmet, bells, flags, reflectors, and lights?
Wear the right Attire
Visibility is of key importance to any cyclist. You want to remain on the driver’s line of sight. As such it’s always important that you avoid blind spots. For your riding attire, bring bright colors during the day or at night to help others see you. And, do not forget elbow and knee pads for improved safety.

It is important to wear the right clothing when riding an adult trike.

Conclusion About Folding Adult Tricycles

Whether you are dealing with limited space or just want the confidence of being on a three-wheeler, it’s a whole new experience being on folding adult tricycles. It is fun, convenient, and practical. You can start enjoying the perks of being in a foldable tricycle and find a comfortable way of spending your days worry-free.


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