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Best Tricycle For 4 Year Old

best tricycle for 4 year old
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Just a few years ago you couldn’t really satisfy your kid with the iconic toys that seemed to enter the market every day. Today, those toys have been replaced with hours on the screen thanks to video games and countless phone apps. But one unique toy never seems to go out of fashion. The tricycle is here to stay and we would like to present you with our picks for the best tricycle for 4 year old kids. It appeals to kids of all varieties as a timeless device for adventure.

Your 4 year old might feel ready to take their ride with two wheeled bikes, but you as a parent know well that practice makes perfect. With a trike, they get to practice on all the elements of riding without supervision but while maintaining safety by all means. The right tricycle will get your child memorable moments for years. It has to be top quality with big wheels and the correct size.

Model Dimensions Weight Weight Capacity
1. Tauki 12-Inch Tricycle 20.9×17.8×33.9 Inches 12.5 Pounds 66 pounds
2. Polaris 10-Inch Dragon Tricycle 21x22x31inches 20 Pounds 80 pounds
3. High Bounce Tricycle Extra Tall 10.2×15.4×23 inches 12 Pounds 50 Pounds
4. Radio flyer Grow ‘N Go 14x18x6.2 inches 8.5 Pounds 49 Pounds
5. Fisher-Price DC Trike Super Friends Batman Lights & Sound 24×11.2×14 inches 6.6 Pounds 60 Pounds
6. Radio Flyer Steer and Stroll Trike 28×21.5×19 inches 15.9 Pounds 49 Pounds

Below you will find our top picks for the best tricycle for 4 year old kids:

1. Tauki 12-Inch Tricycle with Front and Back Basket

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best tricycle for 4 year oldIt’s no brainer that you need to keep your baby entertained as they grow. When they are four, they learn easy, and if yours has not had their chance on the trike, it’s time you gift them one. The Tauli 12-inch tricycle is a great place to start. It is a good size for four-year-olds seeing that it is adorned with many accessories to make it fun when riding.

If your child loves collecting stuff from the outdoors, they’ll have plenty of space to store them on the front and back baskets. They can carry many toys to the park to share with friends. We like that in this age, your baby learns to balance and keep their focus even when you are not around. With the available brakes, you can teach your child to clutch onto them before they start using a two-wheeled bike.

A good tricycle doesn’t have to cost you hundreds of dollars, especially the best tricycle for 4 year old kids. Tauki bears a steel frame but comes at a handsome price. It has an adjustable seat and handlebars such that your kid can grow into it as the years go by. It is not just preserved for their fourth year. The tires ride smooth thanks to the air inflated rubber wheels. The grips give a sure grip to avoid any sliding. Providing the best riding experience for active tots is sure.

  • Adjustable handlebars and seats
  • Blue coating prevents rust and corrosion of metallic parts
  • It has a functional handbrake
  • Two baskets help in loading many toys
  • Wide rear wheels offer effortless steering
  • Small learning curve using brakes

2. Polaris 10-Inch Dragon Tricycle

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best tricycle for 4 year oldKids appreciate running around and participating in competitive activities. If yours can’t stay still, get them more physically active with the Polaris Dragon. They’ll not let it go as it comes with some fascinating features. The red and black color tone is an excellent choice for both boys and girls. You can take home one for every kid as it is also affordably priced. You’ll appreciate that the seat can adjust forward and backward to help your child reach the pedals safely.

The extra wide pedals are a remedy for balance when riding on rough paths. It is complimented by a wide front wheel to ease with steering. Not to mention, both rear wheels are assisted, so your baby will not tire quickly after long hours of pedaling. Kids will also like the padded handlebars since they help skip on rough hands plus they provide comfort when controlling the tricycle. A good reason why this one makes the list for the best tricycle for 4 year old toddlers.

The frame has a construction from steel. We find that manufacturers prefer it because of its durability. As a parent, you’ll want to eliminate any nervous feeling about the trike falling apart in case of impact. The Polaris has a great way of showing that you don’t need to worry. Also, you don’t want to spend hours assembling it. It comes with a simple mechanism to bring it together especially for those who don’t like reading instructions.

  • Super cute dragon graphics and colors
  • Easy to assemble
  • It has safety handgrips
  • Large wheels provide excellent stability
  • Assembly instructions take some time

3. High Bounce Tricycle Extra Tall

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best tricycle for 4 year oldSome kids grow tall for their age. And this is not a bad thing, but they needn’t feel they can’t ride on tricycles. With the Extra Tall High Bounce Tricycle, you get a premium quality trike that your child can use every other day. It is designed with three point seat adjustments to suit even average four-year-olds. It is a sight to behold, featuring a pink and blue theme to bring in some cheerful details.

This tricycle is by the most advanced in its class. It has a metallic frame in the shape of a triangle. Additionally, it is super sturdy seeing that breakages are very uncommon even for its height. It carries a wide wheel base with EVA tires. They are the essence of performance if your kid is going to be riding for extended hours. It’s an incredible way to refine a lethargic lifestyle and instill some important lifestyle values.

Creative Kids, Creative Trike

Kids at this age are incredibly creative, you’ll like that it has a tall seat for when they try to ride from a standing position. This way, they’ll not lose their grip since the handlebars are at par with whichever position you place the seat. The handlebars offer a sure grip to prevent any instances of losing balance when your child takes a bump.

Assembling this tricycle is a breeze especially if you don’t bother to read the instructions. It should take you less than 30 minutes to bring it all together in a clean fashion. There are no dangerous moving parts which can hurt little fingers if they got stuck.  It is a great accessory for your child to ride outdoors as it offers the best stability. Is it the best tricycle for 4 year old kids? We’ll let you decide.

  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Wide wheel base
  • Comfortable handlebars and seat
  • Taller than regular tricycles
  • Assembly instructions take some time

4. Radio Flyer Grow ‘N Go

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best tricycle for 4 year oldTricycles can be fancy, and the Radio Flyer Grow ‘N Go has a pretty impressive way of showing it. The swiveled handles make it carry the classic details that will cheer your kid as soon as they lay their eyes on it. It’s quite durable featuring a steel frame. It eliminates any instances of breakages due to the thoughtful molding of the connectors between the wheels, pedals, and the seat.

For kids who like going at it by themselves, you’ll be pleased to see that this trike achieves a low center of gravity. Your baby is safe from falls which could be dangerous if you are not watching. What’s more, it comes with enough room for them to keep their stuffed animals and store collectibles as they ride down the neighborhood paths. Plus you’ll able to spot them from a distance thanks to the red theme it adorns.

Sturdy Design

Because of the sturdy wheels, you are free from worry if your kid explores rough roads. The wheels can handle everything you throw at it. And, since it has a vast front wheel, it becomes an effortless ride so they can ride for hours without exhaustion.  Another interesting feature must be the adjustable seat which makes it possible for the trike to grow with your child. It’s quite hard to pass this trike as it also comes with one of the most attractive prices on the market. How can you pass that up when looking for the best tricycle for 4 year old kids?

  • It has comfortable handgrips
  • Large tread for extra grip on wheels
  • Durable steel frame
  • Has a cool storage bin
  • Tires can be better if made from rubber

5. Fisher-Price DC Trike Super Friends Batman Lights& Sound

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best tricycle for 4 year oldSome parents forego some features in a trike owing to the huge price tags the top-quality ones bear. But Fisher-Price has made it that you can acquire the best gift for your kid without making compromises. It’s no wonder the Super Friends Fisher-Price Trike is such a favorite among parents today. It comes in the fun Batman theme and some exciting features to make the ride all worthwhile.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of this tricycle is the handle bar, face plate. It features Batman sounds which activate the signal lights. Not to mention the large front wheels which make pedaling easier. The strong metallic design allows your kid to feel the pedals rolling such that they can be in control. You can also expect it not to fade or crack over the years it’s going to be in use. It is resistant to wobbling since it also bears some weight on it.

If you are bringing up younger toddlers, be sure that the Super Friends Trike will be the most fought over item. This is since the seat has a 3-point adjustment system. They’ll all be able to stretch their legs and reach the pedals easily. The seat is comfortable as it has your child sitting in a laid back position. This way they can enjoy riding for extended hours before fatigue kicks in.

Other safety features include the slip-resistant pedals and easy grip handlebars. It is a super fun trike to have around. The Batman, for example, can engage in a conversation with your kid using the walkie talkie. It encourages activity since every day will be another fun day.

  • Has a wide wheel base
  • Batman offers excitement for everyday riding (fun sounds and conversation)
  • Has superior safety features (anti-slip pedals and handlebars)
  • Three-position adjustment seat
  • Available in only Batman colors

6. Radio Flyer Steer and Stroll Trike

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best tricycle for 4 year oldEnjoy the convenience of either pushing your kid or having them ride the Stroll and Steer Trike. It is a grow-with-me style since if your baby is on the learning curve, you can first start by pushing them. After they have gained the confidence of being on their own, you’ll be able to remove the push handle so that they can ride by themselves. The pedals lock and act as footrests when you are steering if they ride for long hours but still want to feel the thrill of the ride.

Safety & Stability

This trike carries some impressive safety features. It has real chrome handlebars and molded handles to ensure your baby doesn’t lose their grip. It also has a chrome plated bell as it serves to improve their awareness when riding. Its steel frame is engineered to provide unparalleled durability for many years. It also includes extra-grip wheels thanks to the thick treads. It is the best for tackling rugged surfaces like gravel and grass paths. Your child will also enjoy being on smooth surfaces since the wheels improve its performance on all floors. When compiling this list of the best tricycle for 4 year old kids, this was a feature that really stood out.

Some parents dread leaving their children unattended. But you don’t have to keep looking around when they take a bend. It’s rated the best in its class regarding sturdiness and susceptibility to breakage. It’s heavy-duty but does not require a lot of effort to pedal. Finally, your kid’s free time will be all fun when you choose from Radio flyer.

  • Pedals are easy to reach
  • It is light and easy to pedal
  • Large-tread tires
  • Convenient steering handle for the parent
  • It cannot be steered backward

Best Tricycle For 4 Year Old: Buyer’s Guide

Below you will find our comprehensive buyer’s guide for the best tricycle for 4 year old kids.


Buying the age appropriate tricycle is the first place to begin. For four-year-olds, they can seem advanced in height, but every child grows at their rate. If yours is short for her age, you cannot simply go for the trike ranked for their age if it doesn’t fit them. Remember that they should be able to sit and stretch their legs fully to reach the pedals.

Opt for adjustable seats so that the trike can grow with them. This way, you won’t be in the market after the first year of using their tricycle. Also for kids who are learning, they should be able to put their feet on the ground when stopping.

Which is the Best Material?

Kids in their fourth year rarely like to be left indoors. So you can expect them to take the bike to every type of surface in the neighborhood. Plastic tricycles are lightweight and easy to ride, but they tend to crack and fade when exposed to the sun for long hours. Wooden trikes are made for the indoors, so they are not a match for four-year-olds

And in comes steel tricycles. They are the best for this age kids. They are durable and sturdy so they can go the duration your child will be riding. Only that, you have to be careful not to expose it to moisture as it may be susceptible to rust.


Since four-year-olds like to be left to ride by themselves, it’s important that pedaling does not overwhelm them. You should always pick the lightest design even though it has a construction from steel. It plays a significant role in how well your kid enjoys riding in the outdoors. Do not forget you want them to feel the sunshine and not shun being outside.

Essential Accessories

  • Bells and whistles
  • Storage bins and Trays
  • Handbrakes
  • Helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads

Conclusion About The Best Tricycle For 4 Year Old Toddlers

As a parent, you desire that your kid grows to be happy and healthy. The best tricycle for 4 year old kids makes it possible for them to achieve the goals you have hoped for them. Only that, it is much fun with a trike. Their world suddenly fills with adventure and lots of activity when you get them the right trike. Do not forego any safety features as it makes a basis for the first steps in pedaling. Finally, we hope you can make it worthwhile by choosing from the best tricycle for 4 year old kids as we have laid it out for you.




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